Welcome to our June Newsletter

Here we touch on harmony and balance, and what it might entail to maintain that state. We all need
harmony in our lives and of course with that comes
balance. What better way to do that than use the power

Welcome to our May Newsletter

May honours us with the beauty of flowers, their freshness and new growth, which reminds us to strive ourselves. It is definitely a rejuvenating month, as winter finally gives way for plants to flourish and the hopeful

Welcome to the IFPA Spring Newsletter

Hi and welcome to the first IFPA newsletter!
I qualified as an Aromatherapist in 1997. I began fulltime practice as a professional multidisciplinary Aromatherapist in 1999 and have been in practice ever since.

Aromatic Hologram

WELCOME TO THE AROMATIC HOLOGRAM PROJECT 16-17-18 FEBRUARY, 2024 ALL IFPA members can avail a 10% discount to this event by contacting the office for the discount code ABOUT THE AROMATIC HOLOGRAM PROJECT Join us for The Aromatic Hologram Project, a 3-day Online Summit featuring interviews with over 45 Vintage Aromatherapists, whom we call, ‘Aromatic […]

CPD Day and Annual General Meeting

We warmly invite you to join us at the Holiday Inn, Milton Keynes Central this 24/25 November. Our CPD day will focus on workshops delivered by dynamic and knowledgeable aromatherapy experts. The AGM (approx. 90 mins) will be an opportunity for you to learn more about the IFPA. There will be time to chat over refreshments (lunch […]