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Welcome to the IFPA Spring Newsletter

Hi and welcome to the first IFPA newsletter!

I qualified as an Aromatherapist in 1997. I began fulltime practice as a professional multidisciplinary Aromatherapist in 1999 and have been in practice ever since. In the 25 years since I began practicing, Aromatherapy has grown and developed in many directions.

I have been a member of ISPA and then IFPA since 1997 and I have leaned into the support of our profession on many occasions. Keeping myself up to date, attending conferences, reading the In Essence magazine, and making direct contact with other members to discuss protocols and issues arising in my developing practice and school.

I am very proud and honoured to be the current Chair of IFPA and I give a commitment to work hard on behalf of our members and on behalf of the Aromatherapy community worldwide.

This is such an exciting time to be an Aromatherapist!

Because of COVID there is a lot more research being done into Olfaction and the part it plays in our mental and physical health. We Aromatherapists have always known this, but it is great to have this knowledge backed up by science and have it discussed by everyone.

Also, in 2014 the scientific world discovered that a woman’s brain is not the same as a man’s – not news to most women! This has led to a large body of research being carried out on how the hormonal changes women experience, both cyclically and throughout their life, effect their mental and physical health. And it is great to see that Olfaction stimulation by essential oils is right at the top of some of this research.

Exciting times ahead!

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Our Diploma Courses in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic Massage and Sound Therapy are the most comprehensive in Ireland. Our Professional Development courses are well attended by former OBUS students and other therapists from Ireland and around the world.

Our Principal, Christine Courtney also shares her entrepreneurial skills with students. In addition to an excellent knowledge of holistic medicine, students complete our courses with skills that enable them to grow successful therapy businesses. Christine is internationally acclaimed in the field of Holistic Medicine and teaches in USA, UK, Malta, Taiwan and China. She has also been an invited lecturer to Trinity College and Royal College of Surgeons. For further details log onto our website www.obus.ie