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Encouraging and Supporting Aromatherapy Training

The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) is a global organisation and the largest of its kind in the UK, dedicated to promoting the safe use and teachings of Aromatherapy and its related disciplines.

We are now growing internationally by encouraging and supporting aromatherapy training in many other countries.

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Why Professionally Trained is Important

Booking a treatment with an IFPA Therapist ensures your treatment will be conducted by an Aromatherapist who is certified to the highest standards and who abides by our codes of conduct and safe practices. Practicing therapists are required to hold professional insurance and continuously develop and improve their professional and business knowledge.

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Find a School

IFPA accredited training providers offer a wide range of courses, from short, informative courses for members of the public, to diploma courses qualifying new therapists. Many offer continuous professional development (CPD) courses, aimed at expanding the knowledge and specialisations of existing therapists.

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IFPA members span the globe and empower the IFPA with a wide range of local, as well as international knowledge. Both practicing and non-practicing members have access to a range of member benefits, including preferential rates on professional services, supplier discounts, networking opportunities, conferences and of course, support and advertising opportunities through the IFPA community, social media groups and website.

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Research & Resources

IFPA has its own bi-annual publication, In Essence, which details the latest aromatherapy-related scientific advances. In addition, IFPA members have access to a wide and constantly updated research library, the latest safety advice, legal regulations and updated guides to using aromatherapy with specific conditions.