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Welcome to our June Newsletter

Here we touch on harmony and balance, and what it might entail to maintain that state. We all need harmony in our lives and of course with that comes balance. What better way to do that than use the power of nature and the magic of aromatherapy to recharge our senses and reflect on what we really want to manifest in our lives.

Harmony and Balance
Christine Courtney - IFPA Chair

My GP once told me that “as a type A personality I needed to learn to bring balance into my life”. I was discussing this later with my mother and her reply was “Ah but he does not really know you, because you are a type A with rounded corners – you have balance”. This taught me that balance in life is not an even amount of opposites but the perfect blend of opposites. I also realised that balance changes as life changes. This has informed the way I create harmony and balance in my diffuser blend each day. The first thing I ask myself is “What oil is calling me?” and I build from there. Today’s blend started with Ho Wood. The beautiful soft, sweet aroma always makes me stand still. If I want to expand that aroma horizontally, I will add Coriander Seed, which, for me, builds on the sweetness of Ho Wood. But if I want to expand the blend vertically and build on the hidden spiciness of Ho Wood, I will blend it with Cedarwood. Then the question is do I round off the blend with a top or a base note?

Balance is harder to achieve in life than it is in our blends but is very important. Knowing when rest is better than stillness or action is better than inaction can be difficult. But for me my balance is always better when I start it by creating my balance blend of the day.

How do you find balance and harmony in your day?

Have you every consider
sustainability of essential oils?

Airmid Institute is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to the global education research and sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). Their aim is to implement and support projects and education for all ages focused on traditional ecological knowledge of aromatic plant medicine among healers worldwide and its impact on climate change, ethical sourcing and forest regeneration. They also help to protect and promote uses of traditional medicine in indigenous communities.

Please visit their website www.airmidinstitute.org for more information and to sign up to receive their biannual list of threatened and near threatened plants used in aromatherapy and perfumery and aromatic herbalism

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