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Welcome to our May Newsletter

May honours us with the beauty of flowers, their freshness and new growth, which reminds us to strive ourselves. It is definitely a rejuvenating month, as winter finally gives way for plants to flourish and the hopeful time for a rebirth. Enjoy

Renewal and Revitalisation
Christine Courtney - IFPA Chair

May is such a beautiful month here in Ireland.
The Irish word of May is Bealtaine. It comes from the Celtic god named “Bel” and the Gaelic word “teine” which means fire. Together Beltaine means “Bright Fire”, and May would have been the month of the Fire Festival with bonfires to honour the sun.

And as we emerge from the shorter, darker days of winter, the bright and (sometimes sunny) days give a real feeling of renewal.

On my drive to work every day, the soft green leaves that are popping out everywhere really remind me of how the earth has been asleep, resting and now it emerges revitalised by that rest!

For me, the beauty of Aromatherapy is that our amazing oils can be so revitalising to the body, mind and spirit in simple and diverse ways.

For example, I love to diffuse a blend of Bergamot, Mandarin, and Angelica Root to give that burst of uplifting citrus with the grounding depth of Angelica Root.

I also love to use these essential oils in a vegetable oil blend of Calendula, Jojoba and Grapeseed to nurture and revitalise my body.

In this month’s newsletter and through our social media we offer you some great ideas to help you stay revitalised in your practice and your life.

Sponsoring IFPA Approved School
from the seed CPD

from the seed has been providing IFPA accredited CPD for over 14 years.

We offer a range of courses from pregnancy to acupressure to marketing skills to advanced massage techniques. All our courses have an aromatic element, therefore expanding your practical skills and essential oil knowledge!

All CPD courses with a practical element take place in Brighton, Sussex, with our theory courses taking place ‘online’, giving you flexibility with your study schedule.

I am very fortunate to have been able to assemble a wonderful and knowledgeable team of tutors; Donna Robbins PGCE ITHMA dip MIFPA, Emma Charlton PGCE ITHMA dip MIFPA, Ines Willis, NYR dip MIFPA MFHT and Ellen Rowland ITHMA dip MIFPA, who all bring their enthusiasm and desire to communicate their area of specialty to each course.

We keep classes small to ensure all students receive individual attention, with ample time for practical elements, theory, questions and feedback.

We positively encourage all students to keep in touch, with us and each other, to build networks and share their experiences of practice.

We look forward to welcoming you on a course in the near future!