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Welcome to our April Newsletter

April is a month which embraces Spring and we have created a blend that helps with just that. It is a month of newness and growth, a time to rejuvenate ourselves and shed the winter blues and be ready for some warm weath- er. With this energy we can become a bit overexerted, hence it is the right time to take care of ourselves.

Warm Greetings from
Dr. Nicole Bou Khalil - Trustee

I came to aromatherapy in an unexpected way. In 2005, while working as a pharmacist in Boston, I stumbled upon an aromatherapy chart at the Harvard Medical Library. Words such as “scent”, “holistic approach” and “mind- body- spirit” intrigued me and were enough to put me on the aromatic path…I later went on to study aromatherapy in France, and underwent further specialisations in scientific and clinical aromatherapy. 

Since then, aromatherapy has taken me on an outward and inward journey, many times challenging and often fulfilling!

I am proud to have pioneered aromatherapy in my country Lebanon, by teaching and training both the public and healthcare practitioners.

Attending conferences worldwide led me to forge meaningful bonds.

I witnessed firsthand the overwhelming support of the international aromatherapy community after the Beirut Port blast.

Next May, I am excited to speak at the Botanica congress about our Lebanese orange blossom hydrosol. I will highlight the amazing know-how of the artisan distillers and the ancestral traditions behind this aromatic treasure, its cultural significance and emotional connection to the country and its people.

In exploring the path of aromatherapy, I’ve learned that it has the power of reconnecting us with our deep roots, while building bridges to go further.

As an IFPA trustee, I take pride in contributing my expertise and background, while also learning and drawing inspiration from fellow IFPA members.

As I write this blog, the streets of Beirut are filled with the delightful scent of orange blossom… I’m sharing a whiff with you, to kickstart this Spring with joy and optimism, and to invite you to explore what our IFPA community has to offers!