With so many viruses lurking around every corner today, we need to boost our Immune system and make sure it is functioning well and supporting us from picking up these nasty viruses. Today we have the much hated N. Coronavirus which has surpassed SARS and MERS and is spreading at an astronomical pace. This is all scary and professionals are labelling this to the Spanish Flu in 1918, which killed 20 – 50 million people, which is more than the Black Plague which killed 25 million people. This in itself is a pandemic and needs to be looked at seriously.
Having researched a lot about the N. Coronavirus one would obviously have fear since such harsh measures are taking place with flights being cancelled, to China, Hong Kong and Macau. Borders being closed.  People who have to enter Hong Kong need to be quarantined for 14 days, and so much more.  Never in history has something like this happened and the poor people of Wuhan China, are like prisoners stuck at home, punished for something they have no clue about.  
All this sets a lot of fear in people and of course as parents they worry about their young children who are more susceptible to catching viruses as are elderly people and the sick.  This pandemic needs to be stopped, and no one knows how long it will last for and what cure they will come up with.  This is all quite sad and has instilled doubt, fear, anger and frustrations in many people due to changes in their day to day lives.
Well first and foremost we need to protect ourselves and be vigilant in our own personal hygiene, food source and care and of course help our family members.  Essential oils with a high phenol, alcohol are the ones that helps with viruses. A strong and powerful anti-viral Air-Spray blend is:
50 ml Spray Amber Bottle
8 drops  Thyme – Thymus vulgaris, T. zygis 
8 drops Clove leaf – Syzygium aromaticum
8 drops Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus globulus
8 drops Tea Tree – Melaleuca alterifolia 
8 drops Lemon – Citrus limonum
* Place these drops in a 50 ml amber/cobalt blue glass bottle filled with 49 ml of Spring water. SHAKE and spray on plane seat, car seat, on clothes (be careful not to stain light color clothing) and in the air in a room with the door closed.
* Repeat this when required or after few hours.
* DO NOT spray directly on the skin as it can cause irritation
* AVOID eyes and face
There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts with avoiding viruses, i.e. washing your hands constantly after touching an object. Not touching your face all the time, cover your mouth when you sneeze (sneeze into a tissue or the sleeve of your elbow). Obviously follow all these and be vigilant with your own hygiene. Wear a mask if required.  
It is important when travelling in a plane and using the washrooms you need to wash your hands before and after, as you would touch the door handle, flush etc., So being aware of what you are touching is so important to avoid getting infected. Best to be aware and avoid any issues. Like they say Prevention is better than cure.