Why set up a business page rather than using a personal profile?

You may be wondering why you need to set up a separate page for your business – why not just use your personal profile?

The most obvious reason you should keep your business page and your personal profile separate is to maintain professional boundaries between yourself as a therapist and your clients. But there are many other reasons too.

A business page is different to a personal profile. It is designed to suit the needs of businesses!
• Having a business page looks more professional.
• A business page has sections for all kinds of relevant information, like your opening hours, and how to find you, as well as space to introduce your brand.
• You can run offers through the business page – this isn’t possible through a personal page.
• A business page allows you to see quite detailed information on how your posts are performing, so you can keep track of how well your outreach is going.
• Personal profiles are limited to 5000 friends – you might well want more!
• With a business page, you can allow several people ‘admin rights’ – that is, you can allow your colleagues to post to the page and see messages.


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