Maintaining Your Page

Now you have your page, you want to keep it fresh!  Follow the steps in the slides to ensure your page is up-to-date.

Responding to Questions and Comments

If someone sends you a message, posts a question or a review, you will get a message in the notifications section. Try to respond to questions as quickly as possible.

Many people prefer to reply to reviews as well, though responding to a negative review takes some tact – whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to get drawn into an argument!

If someone comments on your post, you can either ‘like’ their comment, or reply to them.

In the scheduling section I have recommended checking daily for messages and comments so you can respond promptly.

Creating Events

Facebook allows you to create Events. This could be a party, seminar or workshop that your are organising, or you could also use it to invite people to a sale.

To create an event, click on the ‘More’ button under the big rectangular image, and then click on ‘Create Event’. You will be able to fill in information about the event and invite people to join. You can choose to make it invitation-only, or open so that people can invite others to join them.

Once you have sent invitations, people can RSVP Yes, No or Maybe, and you will be able to check numbers by looking at the event page.

Creating Offers

Once you have over 400 followers, you can create offers. The process is the same as setting up an event, but instead of clicking on ‘Create Event’ select ‘Create Offer.’

You then select the offer type and add details about the offer. You can set up an offer for your followers for free; to promote the offer outside your group of followers is charged similarly to promoting a post.

Reading the Analytics

One of the special features available to people who run business pages through Facebook is the analytics. You can access this by selecting ‘Insights’ from the row at the top of the page. This will give you a wealth of information on how many people are reading your posts, and how many are liking or sharing them. You can also compare your page with similar pages.

The simplest way to use the Insights section to improve your Facebook strategy is to check how the reach and engagement varies depending on the type of content you post, and the day and time of day you post it. You may find that posts about certain issues do particularly well, or that posting in the mid-morning so that people read it while taking a coffee-break is particularly successful. It depends on your audience and their habits, so the only way to find out is to look at the numbers!

The End

Well done for completing this Facebook for Business – The Basics course! You should now be able to create and maintain your page. Good luck, we hope you enjoy using Facebook to promote your business!