Attracting Followers

Anyone can choose to follow your page, which means that they see posts, offers and updates from you. The more people that choose to follow your page, the more your page will be seen by and recommended to new people, promoting your business. So what can you do to make people want to follow you and boost your followers?

Invite Friends and Family

A good place to start is to invite your friends and family. Click on the blue ‘Promote’ button in the bottom left hand corner and select ‘Invite Friends’. You will then see a list of your friends and select those you want to invite.

Cross-Promoting your Page

It is a good idea to add your Facebook page to all your other marketing materials. You can add your username to business cards and flyers, and put buttons or links on your website and email signature so that people can click through.

The easiest way is to copy the URL from your Page and add it, but if you are able to edit the HTML of your website or signature it looks much smarter to add a button. You can use this tool to create the code, then just copy and paste it into your HTML signature or site.

Post Great Content

Of course, the only way to really build your followers is to offer something that people want. So in order to get people to follow you, you need to make your posts so brilliant that they want to see them and share them! You can also offer competitions with prizes and other incentives to your followers – perhaps a 5% discount, advance notice of sales or the chance to win a free treatment.

In the next section we will look in more detail at how to create great posts that will earn you more followers.
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