What Should I Post? Creating Great Content

A Facebook post can include photos, a video, links, and of course whatever you want to write! With so much potential – what makes a great post?

Make it Informative

The best posts are informative; they tell your audience something that they didn’t already know, that interests them, and that they want to share with others. Alternatively, it may reinforce something they already believe strongly, so that they want to share it to inform others. By making your posts informative, you are bringing value to the community, and your audience will value your content and want to share it with others.

Make it Timely

It can be helpful to try to tie your posts in with current events. This helps ensure that your posts are relevant to your audience, and that they notice them as they scroll through their newsfeed. Try to be a little inventive in thinking about the events that your particular audience will be interested in, and how you can tie in current events to your audience’s interests.

Use Pictures and Videos

Pictures are very important on Facebook – they are a great way of expressing your brand values, and people are much more likely to read a post that has an interesting image included.

It is absolutely vital, however, that you have the right to use any image or video you post on Facebook. Most images and videos on the internet are copyright, and by using them without permission you would be breaking the law. Here are options of how to post images and video without violating copyright:

  • Use pictures you have taken yourself, or where the photographer has given you permission to use them.  You should also be sure to check that anyone in the pictures is happy for their image to be used.
  • Use images from a free stock photo site.  Pixabay has photos available for use without attribution, and there are lots of other sites that will allow you to use the image for free if you include the attribution (the photographer’s credit, which you must use exactly as specified.)
  • Share rather than copy.  If you include a link to the video or gallery of photos in your post, rather than uploading it from your computer, the content will pull through and people can see it, but you have not violated copyright.


Link to Articles and Resources

Linking to articles and other resources is a great way to share information with your audience.  Check out websites you think are relevant to your audience’s interests, and appropriate for the tone you want to use, for articles you can share.  Your audience may also appreciate you sharing news of local events and campaigns.

Keep it Brief

Remember that only the first 7 or so lines of your post will be displayed.  So either keep your posts short, or make sure that the first couple of sentences are exciting enough to make people want to click through to the rest of the post.

Keep Updating

Now you know how to write great content, you need to make sure you keep updating and maintaining the page.  In the next section we will talk about how you can keep building and improving your page.

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