Creating Your Page

Now it is time to get started with creating your page. Scroll through the slides for step-by-step instructions.

Log into Facebook

Start by logging into your usual Facebook account. A business page isn’t a separate account – you create and manage the page from within your normal account. If you don’t already have a Facebook account you can create one for free here.

Create a New Page

Once logged in, look at the left hand column of the page. There should be section for Pages halfway down the page, similar to the image on the left.

 Click on ‘Create a page’. Alternatively, use this link.

Pick a Type of Page

Choose what type of organisation you are. The options are:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community

A therapy business would be best suited to ‘Local business or place.’ If you are selling products online or through shops, ‘Brand or Product’ would work best.  Click on your selection.

Pick a Type of Organisation

When you pick the type of page, a small form will pop up, asking you to select the type of business from a dropdown list, and to give the name of your business or brand. I called mine ‘My Example Business’ and choose the category of Spa/beauty/personal care.

Add a Description

You will now have the chance to fill in some information about your business.

First up, add a description (2 or 3 sentences) describing your business, and give your website URL if you have one.

You will also be asked Is My Example Business a real establishment, business or venue? You should tick yes.

You will then be asked: Will My Example Business be the authorised and official representation of this establishment, business or venue on Facebook?  Again, choose yes.

Add a Profile Picture

Now you can add a profile picture. If you have a logo, use that here. Otherwise pick a professional image you feel represents your business. 

It is very important that you have the right to use the image; you must have permission from the copyright holder and also check whether you need to include an attribution.

To use a picture from your computer, click on ‘Upload from Computer’ and select the file you want.  Once the picture is uploaded, you will see it in the square. If you are happy, click ‘Next.’

Add to Favourites

The next stage asks if you want to add the page to your favourites. This just means that a link to the page will appear near the top in the left-hand column of your Facebook homepage, so it will be easy to find. Click ‘Add to Favourites’, and then ‘Next’.

Choose Your Preferred Audience

Finally, you can choose the preferred audience for your page by location, age, gender, interests and languages. You can skip this step if you prefer.

Don’t worry – anyone can see the page, but Facebook might recommend your page to people in your preferred audience who they think would be interested. 

To add a location, type in the name of the town and choose form the suggestions.

To add an interest, you can either type in a word, such as Aromatherapy and select the best option, or click in the box saying ‘search Interests’ and explore options.   An arrow to the right expands into sub-options, and the + to the left adds the option to your audience interests.

Once you have finished, click ‘Save’.

View Your Page

Now you get your first glimpse of your page.  It is a bit bare at the moment – we will add more information about your business and a background image in the next section.

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