Completing Your Page

Your business page has been created. Now it is time to add information on your business and services. Follow the steps in the slides to complete your page.

Add a Username

Under your profile picture you will see a link ‘Create Page @username’. This lets you set up a custom username for the page, which make it easier for people to remember and type it in. Type in your preferred username, and click Create Username

Fill in the 'About' Section

Next you want to edit the ‘About’ info for your page. Click on About in the left hand column, and fill in the requested information. If you don’t want to fill in a row, just leave it and the row will not show up to other users.

Add Services

You can also add Services. Click on Services in the left hand column and add individual services with a description, price and optional photo.

Add a Cover Photo

To fill in the big grey box, add a cover photo by clicking on Add a Cover and ‘Upload a Photo’.

It is very important that you have the right to use the image; you must have permission from the copyright holder and also check whether you need to include an attribution.

Add Buttons

You can add buttons to the page for visitors to get in touch with you. There are lots of options, including ‘Send Email’, ‘Request Appointment’ and ‘Send Message’ which will send a message to you in Facebook.

Add Other People as Admins

If you want other people to be able to manage the page, you need to add them as an admin. To do this, click on Settings (top left corner) and then Page Roles (about halfway down the left hand column.) Then you will see a form that lets you add people to the page. You will need to be friends with them on Facebook to add them to the page.

Start Posting

Now your page has all your information, you can start using it to promote your business!

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