Marketing Tips

There are two key elements to marketing salon or holistic services and neither rely on a big marketing budget

1) Maximising the percentage of regular clients

2) Attracting new clients who become regulars

My quick 5 professional tips for achieving success in these areas are:

Courtesy Counts

Look your client in the eye and say with sincerity,“It has been a privilege to be your therapist today – thank you.”

Listen to the Client’s Wishes

Don’t be held back by the choreography you learnt at college. Instead, 5 mins before the end of the treatment, ask if there is anything they would like you to repeat for the last few minutes or if they would they like you to carry on. They may well have an area they particularly prefer for massage – lower backs and necks are especially popular. A note for employers – this may not be appropriate for inexperienced therapists with male clients!

Waste not …and want not for regular clients

Soak up any remaining massage oil in your bowl (good eco policy not to put down your drain) with some sea salt. Package it up prettily, attach your business card and hand over as a complementary complimentary gift with receipt – this can be used in the bath or in the shower as a salt scrub.

Dare to be different

Dump the expensive water fountain and the eco-unfriendly plastic cups that go with it. Personally serve tap water in the most beautiful glasses you can find. Also offer a drinks menu card with a complimentary selection of teas, coffee, wine and juices, which allows them to discreetly point to the complimentary coffee or the wine or maybe cranberry juice. This will set you apart, and make you the salon of choice, and keep your happy customers coming back for more.

Water is the healthy option (and it should be presented to the client after a treatment as a matter of course) but offer them an indulgent fix too if that’s what they want). Most treatments, whether holistic or beauty, are as much about pampering and luxury as they are about health – discreet recognition of this will win you loyalty.

Professionals prescribe

At the end of the treatment hand your client a prescription card with all the products that you have used and prices and another treatment if appropriate. Make it easy for them to buy and even easier to hand to their partner or kids when an anniversary is looming. For instance if your massage client really enjoyed the foot rub perhaps they would benefit from a reflexology session?