1/4 page advert




We require the advert artwork to be submitted as a press–ready PDF

  • Ensure all images/logos are high resolution (minimum 150dpi, ideally 300dpi)

  • Your artwork PDF must have a CMYK colour profile

  • All fonts should be embedded without subsetting and uncompressed

  • The PDF should be supplied via email to admin@ifparoma.org.

All good adverts need to be informative, interesting and creative. However at the IFPA we understand that you may have the ideas but need a helping hand to bring it all together.

We can provide you an advert design service for those who wish to place an advert in any magazine.

We need from you:

·         An Image

·         Text

·         Description of what you would like the advert to look like

·         If you have no idea, our team are more than happy to advise you with suggestions