Benefits of becoming a qualified MIFPA

Receiving your MIFPA qualification is not the end of a journey; it marks the beginning of a life where you can travel to any country in the world, and set up an international clinical practice. You are encouraged to continually develop as a therapist by taking time to study and improve your clinical skills.

You can visit any of our Accredited Schools to receive exciting and interesting CPD courses in addition to the Professional Diploma, and in time you may wish to become one of our qualified Tutors delivering the Professional Diploma in your Town or City, and even become one of our many training centres or Approved CPD Centres.

Your qualification and IFPA membership means that you will receive ongoing professional support from the IFPA and qualifies you to Register with the CNHC, which means that you are able to receive referrals of new clients from your local mainstream Healthcare Professionals.

With the IFPA behind you, you will have a vast support network of experienced and exceptional clinical practitioners who can help to answer your questions, and can ignite interest in new and exciting fields that you never thought were possible.