Become a MIFPA Tutor

LavenderOur Accredited Schools are always looking for talented and experienced clinical Aromatherapists to help train the next generation of MIFPAs.

All you need to become an IFPA Tutor are the following:

  • Current Full Membership of the IFPA
  • 3 years’ experience as an IFPA qualified Practising Aromatherapist
  • A recognised teaching certificate e.g. City and Guilds or higher
  • Access to an IFPA approved school locally to develop your teaching skill

 There are also 3 levels of Tutor:

  • Trainee – Qualified for 1 year as a Practising Aromatherapist with a teaching certificate but no teaching experience.
  • Tutor – Qualified Practising Aromatherapist for 3 years, with a teaching certificate andproven teaching experience.
  • Principal Tutor – Qualified practising Aromatherapist for 5 years, with a teaching certificate and proven teaching experience.

You do not have to be attached to a school to work as an IFPA Tutor or Principal Tutor. As a Principal Tutor you are able to register as an Examiner/Accreditation Officer for the IFPA. As a Principal Tutor or Tutor you can offer your services as a Bank Tutor, (fill in for staff sickness or holidays) or for CPD. To retain Certification as an IFPA Tutor you must complete all annual CPD requirements.

Next Step:

Download the information and Application  or Contact Us for more details.