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Benefits of becoming a qualified MIFPA

If you have a passion for aromatherapy, why not train to become a Professional Clinical Aromatherapist by studying a diploma course at one of our accredited schools? Find out exactly how to do it here…

How to become qualified

Find out how easy it is to book on a course that could well change your life. Being a qualified MIFPA with the IFPA is a worldwide recognised qualification that will open many doors for your Therapy business.

Continuing Professional Development

What is CPD, and where can you get it? How much should you have, and what counts, and doesn’t count? Find out here, along with some inspiring ideas for how to fulfil your annual CPD requirement.

Become a MIFPA Tutor

Why not join our Tutors? Our Accredited Schools are always looking for talented and experienced Aromatherapists to help train the next generation of MIFPAs. Here’s how to qualify, and what to do next:

Find a School

There are IFPA Accredited Training Schools in 52 Countries worldwide, and new Schools qualifying all the time, so check here to find one in a location nearest to you, or choose one in a place you’d love to visit.

Become an IFPA Accredited school/CPD centre

Schools in the UK and Internationally, can offer an Aromatherapy Clinical Training Package accredited by the IFPA that enables your students to qualify at the highest level and practice safely and effectively.


No matter how long you have been involved with this subject; there will always be questions that you would like to be answered Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked: