Membership Types

Full UK Member

Any individual who has satisfactorily completed training in Aromatherapy on a course accredited by the Federation, or training consistent with the standards set by the Federation. They may use the letters MIFPA, are eligible to vote, are on the Members’ Register and can appear on the Find-a-Therapist facility on the IFPA website if desired.

Fees for Full UK Membership are £88.00 per annum (£80.00 International)

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Full UK Member - Further Details

This is the main category for our fully qualified and practising members who can use the letters MIFPA after their name.

Full Members have voting rights within the organisation and can sit on Council if elected.

Only fully qualified aromatherapists who have passed the Professional Diploma or have upgraded to an equivalent standard are eligible to become Full Members.

Benefits of Full Membership include;

  • Access to our exclusive, secure members’s area online, including useful resources.
  • Comprehensive, low-cost insurance for members under the IFPA block scheme administered by Balens Ltd.
  • Subscription to our multimedia journal “In Essence” published every quarter and access to the back catalogue of ‘In Essence’ online.
  • Automatically eligible for CNHC registration.
  • A  network of IFPA affiliated regional and international groups providing support and networking opportunities.
  • Professional register listing for full UK and international practising members. (available to the public and other organisations)
  • Free listing on the “Find a Professional Aromatherapist” website page.
  • Annual IFPA Conference and access to webinars (available as CPD)
  • Invitation to the AGM and CPD presentation.
  • Access to CPD course listings (>CPD)offered by IFPA approved training providers.
  • Access to the member’s forum.
  • Research updates
  • Updates about legislation affecting aromatherapy
  • Enamel membership badge given to all full and international members upon qualifying with IFPA.
  • Corporate advertising programme offering several benefits to participating members.
  • Special discounts from suppliers.

Fees for Full Membership are £88.00  per annum (£80.00 for International)

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Student Member

Any person currently undertaking an aromatherapy training course accredited by the Federation. Normally training will be completed within three years.

Fees for Student Membership are £27 per annum (£27.50 International)

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Student Member - Further Details

Students enrolled on our Professional Aromatherapy Diploma at one of our accredited schools are required to become a Student Member.

Some schools include the cost of Student Membership in their tuition fees so prospective students should check with their chosen school first.

Student Members are expected to qualify within three years. Any extension to this period will be on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the school and in conjunction with the IFPA.

Once qualified Student Members will automatically be eligible for Full Membership and the use of the letters MIFPA after their name.

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Fees for Student Membership are £27 per annum (£27.50 International)

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Associate Member

For those who practise aromatherapy but whose qualification is not IFPA accredited. Associate members are expected to be working towards an upgrade to MIFPA. Associate members will appear on the Members’ Register, but not the “Find a Qualified Therapist”

Associate Membership fees are £68 per annum (£62 for International)

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Associate Member - Further Details

Associate Membership is for aromatherapists whose qualifications do not meet the requirements for Full Practising Membership. (>full member)

Associate Members are expected to upgrade to Full Member at a later date.

Associate Members cannot use the letters MIFPA after their names, but do get many other benefits (see the table below).

Contact our office for further details

Fees for Associate Membership are £68 per annum (£62 for International).

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Non-Practising Member

Any individual who has completed training in Aromatherapy but is not currently practising.

This category of membership is also for anyone who has a general interest in aromatherapy and would like to receive our quarterly magazine In Essence.

Non-Practicing Membership fees are £45 per annum (£40 for International)

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Non-Practicing Member - Further Details

This category is for people who want to be part of our community but are not in practice as a Professional Aromatherapist.

This includes Full Members who want to take a career break or retire, health workers in other fields or people just with an interest in aromatherapy.

Non-practising Membership requires no qualifications and can even be bought as a present for somebody else.

The main benefit for this category is a subscription to the journal “In Essence” (a value of £50) both online and in print. You will also be on our mailing list for news and updates on aromatherapy, and we look forward to seeing you at our Conference and AGM. Non-practising Members can also take part in Regional Group events.

See the table below for the full list of benefits in this category.

Non-practising Membership costs £45 per annum (£40 for International)

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IFPA Member Categories, Benefits & Entitlements

Full Member International Member Associate Member Non-Practicing Member Student Member
Professional Status
Listing on IFPA Professional Register
Entitled to use MIFPA suffix
Membership Certificate
Membership Card
IFPA Lapel Badge Student Version
Preferential Professional Insurance Rates
Free listing in Find a Therapist
Use IFPA Logo on Marketing Materials
Right to Attend IFPA AGM
Right to Vote
Invitation to Conference
IFPA Office Helpline
In Essence Journal
Online access to In Essence back catalogue
Access Regional or International Group Networks
Access to Members area of Website
Access to latest Aromatherapy Research
Access to IFPA approved Schools & CPD Course Listings
IFPA Members Only Facebook Group
Right to register with CNHC