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Aroma Care

Aroma care Solutions is a new range of products specifically designed for those caring for a family member or loved one at home. It has been created to provide a touch of luxury to everyday tasks and uses the principles of Aromatherapy combined with the power and efficacy of industrial and medical grade products to bring fresh and powerful solutions to make people’s lives easier. There are three elements to the range of products: cleaning solutions, odour management and skincare.

Aroma Care

  • 020 7609 0044

Bio Tempo

Bio tempo is a premier training organisation with government accreditation in China. Professional training in vocational aromatherapy practice, spa management, beauty therapy, Chinese medicine and teacher training is provided to individuals and companies.

Bio Tempo

  • Room 2701
    The North Building
    Huaning International
    300 Xuanhua Road
    Changning District
    Shanghai China
  • 0086 18521517347

Oils4Life Aromatherapy Limited

Oils4life has been a leading supplier of essential oils, absolutes, specialty oils, carrier oils, EC certified organic ‘food grade’ oils, COSMOS certified organic oils and skincare bases for more than 15 years. Our customer base includes large corporate organisations, hobbyist, professional therapists and the general public. We pride ourselves on sourcing and supplying high quality products at great prices. Our portfolio of products is extensive and continues to grow as demand for high quality products increase.

Body & Face


Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd

Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd is a family-run company committed to the production of high quality personal care products that are as natural as possible and with minimal chemical processing of raw materials. We are situated in the small country town of Laurencekirk, at the very edge of the Grampian mountains in north-east Scotland, an ideal location for the manufacture of toiletries with fresh, clean air and naturally pure, soft water coming from a nearby loch in the hills above Glen Esk.

Since the early 1990s we have been manufacturers of the finest quality products for both Body & Face Naroma and third-party ranges, both bespoke and from base product ranges. We manufacture for export to the EU, the Middle and Far East and North America with Australia pending.

Body & Face


Shirley Price Aromatherapy

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd offers accredited Aromatherapy Training and Products, for both professional and private use. We pride ourselves in supplying over 40 countries worldwide with the Highest standard of training and products, including: organic and pure essential oils, carriers oils, bases, hydrolats, skincare and, our unique ‘Care for Range’ of pre-blended products. Shirley Price Aromatherapy continues its professional commitment to quality and purity; maintaining an outstanding reputation since 1974.



Base Formula Ltd

We supply aromatherapists and natural health enthusiasts worldwide with premium grade essential oils, carrier oils, hydrolats (hydrosols), aloe vera gels and aromatherapy skincare products.

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Premium quality essential oils, base ingredients and finished products especially formulated in Britain by Julie Foster, one of the UK’s leading aromatherapy experts.



Purple Flame Aromatherapy

Suppliers of Aromatherapy products and essential oils worldwide, Purple Flame is one of the longest established Aromatherapy Companies in the U.K, with an exceptional reputation in the industry. We have been supplying qualified aromatherapists, hospitals, colleges, salons and enthusiasts with 100% pure essential oils, carrier oils, pre blended massage oils, hydrolats, cosmetic bases, student kits and aromatherapy accessories for over 30 years. Our range now contains over 1000 products, in a variety of sizes and gives customers the ability to choose from over 100 pure unadulterated essentials oils, many of which are organic, and over 30 carrier oils.

Purple Flame Logo Dec 2013

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