Why Choose an IFPA Professional Aromatherapist?

Although candles, bath bombs, soaps and lotions are fun – and can aid relaxation, they are not aromatherapy as practised by a Members of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (MIFPA).

MIFPAs are trained to take a holistic approach to each client. They take a full case history and match the client’s physical and emotional needs with many possible essential oil combinations. As each essential oil has a distinct composition and therapeutic action, the skill of the Aromatherapist is to match a blend of essential oils with the client’s needs.

Most Professional Clinical Aromatherapists will apply this essential oil blend in combination with massage to encourage deep relaxation and enhance the therapeutic action of the essences.

Your Aromatherapist may also suggest other methods of using the essential oils, such as inhalations, aromatic baths, ointments or compresses. These are all ways in which your treatment can be extended and the essential oils targeted at a particular area.

MIFPAs who work in specialist clinical areas such as cancer palliative care, hospice care, disabilities, dementia etc. may take different approaches and will have had additional training in these areas. MIFPAs who have undergone further training in clinical aromatherapy may also take a different approach.

A MIFPA will be fully aware of any safety issues with their treatment plan and will discuss these fully with you. You will be confident of an effective and safe experience. The IFPA Code of Practice also ensures that you will be treated in a confidential and professional manner.

If you are unhappy with your treatment the IFPA has a formal Complaints Procedure that clients can access, and we promise to investigate any complaints brought to our attention.

We make sure that our members are kept aware of new findings concerning effectiveness and safety and that they abide by current legislation for complementary health workers.

We also fight for the rights of the public to access their choice of complementary healthcare, including clinical aromatherapy.

Use our Find a Professional Aromatherapist feature to find a therapist near you and make an appointment or discuss with them your treatment options.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated with Clinical Aromatherapy?

Many physical and psychological conditions can be treated with clinical aromatherapy. In some cases, aromatherapy can be effective when used alone, but it can also be used to complement conventional treatment by bringing additional benefits.

In particular, aromatherapy is a powerful treatment for stress-related conditions which have both a physical and psychological aspect. Anxiety, insomnia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are just a few example that have all been treated successfully.

Clinical Aromatherapy can also be used to prevent the build-up of stress and therefore the onset of ill-health. Many clients have regular treatment sessions with a MIFPA as part of their stress-management programme. Musculo-skeletal complaints respond well to the combination of essential oils and massage and many skin conditions can be treated with essential oils in topical ointments. The treatment of respiratory conditions with essential oils in inhalations can be very effective. Many MIFPAs work very successfully as part of the care team for patients with long term chronic illness and in palliative care. These patients appreciate the holistic, gentle and pleasurable nature of aromatherapy and other health workers appreciate the professional and caring attitude of our fully qualified Members.