About the IFPA

The IFPA is the worldwide centre for clinical excellence in all aspects of Aromatherapy, and our worldwide membership of trained professionals provides the IFPA with its knowledge and authority. The high standards of training and the worldwide forum for members, creates a totally unique organisation influencing the practical standards of Aromatherapy worldwide as a clinical healing art. IFPA works closely with overseas Regional Group Leaders to achieve and maintain the outstanding standards of our clinical practitioners worldwide.

Regional Groups

One of the reasons why IFPA regional groups are so important is that belonging to one can help reduce the feelings of isolation experienced by many therapists. Meeting regularly with people who share your professional interests can be a tremendous support and encouragement.

Why Choose an IFPA Professional Aromatherapist?

There is much more to Aromatherapy than candles, and bath bombs. Find out about our clinical professional practitioners, Members of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (MIFPA).

IFPA Board

The members of the IFPA Council are all highly qualified and experienced clinical professionals, with very different stories to tell. Find out why they are all so passionate about the IFPA

Fellows and Honorary Members

The Council of the IFPA have awarded FELLOWSHIPS or HONARARY MEMBERSHIPS to practitioners who have shown exceptional dedication or outstanding achievements in Clinical Aromatherapy.

IFPA International

We believe that good education is the key to aromatherapy developing as a clinical healing art and aim to provide fully trained Clinical Therapists in every country, with the same high standards of training.

Research and the IFPA

The IFPA encourages and supports a research focus within its membership. Members are encouraged to be/become evidenced based practitioners making full use of the latest evidence and currently available research.